CGM rc Heli Simulator for Mac

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An enjoyable and realistic RC helicopter simulator that enables you to pilot a wide variety of helicopters in different environments





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CGM rc Heli Simulator is a RC helicopter simulator that features great graphics, a physics engine and good controls.

Also, CGM rc Heli Simulator also comes with a large array of helicopters and support for a joystick.

Furthermore, CGM rc Heli Simulator includes both a beginner and advanced mode that brings both novices and advanced users to the game.
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
CGM rc Heli Simulator - You can control the helicopter using the keyboard or various game controllers.CGM rc Heli Simulator - You must try and land the plane in the correct position.CGM rc Heli Simulator - The Sounds tab helps you modify the sounds of the helicopter.CGM rc Heli SimulatorCGM rc Heli SimulatorCGM rc Heli SimulatorCGM rc Heli Simulator

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