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Absorbing and entertaining Solitaire Mahjong game that will keep you in front of your Mac hunting down tile pairs for long stretches of time

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The ancient Chinese board game Mahjong has seen quite a few adaptations since its conception and its solitaire variant quite a few ports to the Mac OS X platform. Mahjong! is one of the most popular Shanghai solitaire games, at least in Apple’s Mac App Store.

Slick looking Mahjong game, with a huge collection of board designs and layouts

Mahjong! provides its players with 9 polished looking tile sets to choose from and over 200 board layouts which will keep anyone busy for at least a few months of continuous gameplay. The sheer number of board layouts allows Mahjong! to help you get over the repetitiveness you that usually overcomes one when playing board games.

In addition, if you want to customize the game’s look even further, you can easily change the playing area background and enable tile shadows from Mahjong!’s Options menu.

Eye catching graphics coupled with enthralling sound track and sound effects

Mahjong! features minimalist and eye pleasing graphics, as well as beautiful tile clearing animation that give a subconscious feeling of fulfillment each time you remove a tile pair from the board.

Its simplistic yet well designed sound effects collection is yet another factor that makes playing Mahjong! such an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, unlike many other Solitaire Mahjong games out there, once you hit a dead end and you have no moves left, Mahjong! will allow you to shuffle the tiles left on the board with a simple mouse click in order to continue the game until you remove all the pairs.

Entertaining and captivating board game, with a hint of modern graphics and enough audio pizazz to keep you busy for hours on end

Once you clear the board, Mahjong! automatically loads the next layout and will allow you to return to your last game if you’ve quit the game using the “Resume Game” option available in the “Main Menu”.

All in all, playing Mahjong! on a Mac is quite an engaging experience that will keep you in front of your for hours on end, hunting down pairs of tiles to clear out the board, in the hope of getting to the next layout sooner.

Mahjong! was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on December 23rd, 2014
Mahjong! - The main menu of the game.Mahjong! - Trying to clear the board.Mahjong! - Some preferences can be customized here.

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