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An enthralling game that allows you to create and test bridges from the comfort of your desktop.

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Creating a bridge is a very expensive and complex project, since, most of the time, it requires you to get over a river or chasm. You need to add support pillars in order to get rid of all the weight.

Bridge Project is a game that allows you to design, construct and even test bridges in various areas from all over the globe. It enables you to create a variety of bridge types, like stone, steel, folding, suspended, car or even railway bridges.

Bridge Project comes with a great graphics engine that allows you to zoom in and out as well as view all items in detail. This makes it easier for you to change cameras and analyze the way you are building the bridge.

Additionally, the game comes with a stability and weight testing mode that makes it easier for you to see how your bridge would react when encountering natural cataclysms like earthquakes and storms.

What's more, the game comes with 48 different levels that allow you to set the design tasks and it even includes a built-in level editor that allows you to create as well as share your own levels, if you want to.

Bridge Project makes it easier for you to compare your skills with other players from all over the globe, using the online ranking modes. Additionally, the game allows you to participate in competitions and improve your own records.

To sum up, Bridge Project is a very good game for anyone on the lookout for a solid bridge building title. It's more of a simulation title that allows you to build and test bridges at your own pace.

Bridge Project was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on November 11th, 2013
Bridge Project - Your purpose in Bridge Project is to plan, design, construct and test bridges.Bridge Project - You have to keep the building costs down without compromising the traffic safety.Bridge Project - Bridge Project features beautiful graphics and detailed 3D objects.Bridge Project - screenshot #4

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