Bravada 1.011

Have fun and prove your strategic thinking as you help the young beardless dwarf in his adventure through a land crawling with weird creatures

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Bravada - in your quest to help the young beardless dwarf, you can use various power-ups and weapons.Bravada - You can change your formation and strategically place your units based on the weapon and abilities.BravadaBravadaBravada - Throughout the game, you'll be able to upgrade your hero and improve his stats.BravadaBravadaBravadaBravadaBravadaBravadaBravada
Bravada is an absorbing and entertaining turn-based strategy role-playing game that enables you to play the role of a beardless dwarf, who’s dream is to become a powerful hero.

Become a fearless hero and complete challenging tasks

The great thing about Bravada is that it does not play like any other traditional turn-based strategy game, it is more like an action-adventure game packed with lots of action and interesting characters with various powers and skills.

Accompanied by a wide variety of characters, your hero need to explore an interesting world where nothing is what it seems.

On top of that, each new character that joins you in your adventure, can grow to become from a simple peasant dwarf a highly specialized warrior, thanks to the unique leveling system.

Upgrade your units and create an indestructible formation

In other words, you’ll start with amateur fighters that you can evolve into ranged units, tanks and even healers, each with their own skills, weapons and abilities. Moreover, the engaging fighting system is enhanced by the power-up system that uses a series of symbols that you can use to gain advantage over your enemies.

As follows, you can use the hourglass anytime during the gameplay and turn back in time with a few turns in order to save a unit that got killed in the fight or rethink your attack plan to prevent any losses. The Ankh symbol, is another useful power-up that can be used to clone your units and even the creatures on the battlefield and place them under your leadership.

Enjoy the interesting mix between turn-based and RPG-like gameplay

What is more, Bravada comes with intuitive game controls, beautiful graphics, immersive sound effects and numerous power-ups that you’ll discover as you play the game. Take advantage of the smart leveling system along with the limitless tactical options and enjoy the role-play style inventory as you lead the battle against slimy and creepy creatures.

Bravada was reviewed by , last updated on May 27th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (-)


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