BombSquad X 4.0.1

A nimble rip-off of a classic game, Minesweeper, featuring Aqua-licious good looks and a game play that expects from you to think different

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What's new in BombSquad X 4.0.1:

  • Fixed slight delay in board reset, plus small Lion compatibility updates.
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BombSquad X - Trying to avoid the mines.BombSquad X - You hit a mine. Game Over.BombSquad X - In this window you can change the game difficulty.BombSquad XBombSquad X
BombSquad X is a polished and entertaining Minesweeper clone designed to end Microsoft’s supremacy and allow OS X users to play their own version of the game.

Moreover, BombSquad X is a mine puzzle that keeps you on your toes at all times, guessing where the bombs are depending on the numbers next to the already cleared cells.

Interesting and engaging audio ambient

The BombSquad X game features an enthralling soundtrack that will keep you glued to your chair in front of your Mac for hours, until you find all the mines and fully solve the intricate logical puzzle in order to further hone your Minesweeper gaming skills.

Additionally, BombSquad X also comes with a built-in worldwide hall of fame that will allow you to get the recognition you earned while sweeping through huge landscapes filled with tens and hundreds of mines. The high score records can be opened by clicking the “Record Book” option available in the BombSquad X’s menu.

Adjustable board and difficulty

Furthermore, it has a resizable board, therefore it is only up to as to how many bombs and how big the minefield is. If you have the guts to go big and create a board as large as your screen, you will not only have to play hours and hours until you get to the end of the game, but you’ll also need to keep your focus long enough while clearing out the mines in order to get all of them without blowing up the entire minefield.

On top of all of the above, BombSquad X also has a number of features that build upon the classic game of Minesweeper to offer you an even more enjoyable experience.

Inbuilt gameplay helpers designed to make it more fast paced

Thus, the crunch time makes it possible to avoid detonating the minefield when making mistakes by marking another bomb when you’ve mistakenly clicked on an explosive square.

In addition, the click zap features greatly speeds up the entire game by automatically clearing out all the squares around a number cell that has all its surrounding bombs marked.

To sum it all up, BombSquad X is a fun packed game, with many features that put to shame Microsoft’s original Minesweeper.

BombSquad X was reviewed by , last updated on October 21st, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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