Black Ice 0.1.640

An interesting and absorbing first-person shooter game in which you have to hack various servers and survive waves of incoming enemies

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What's new in Black Ice 0.1.640:

  • Enemy damage has been brought down except for the SHARK. This should have the most effect late game.
  • The stars, which represent data, will sometimes move around a bit. It’s pretty.
  • There is a “Sell All” button in the shop GUI now.
  • Damage Returned no longer affects enemies more than melee range away.
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7 Black Ice Screenshots:
Black Ice - Your main objective in Black Ice is to hack server buildings and survive the incoming waves of creatures that are trying to stop you.Black Ice - The game HUD helps you view the required time to hack the building along with the RAM usage.Black IceBlack Ice - You can spend your talent points to increase hack speed, weapon damage, attack speed, weapon range and more.Black IceBlack IceBlack Ice
Test your aiming and shooting skills in this engaging and addictive hack and shoot game inspired by Borderlands and Tron.

Your main objective in Black Ice is to hack as many server buildings as you can and take down all cyber creatures in order to successfully complete the hacking process. You can explore the procedurally generated cyber-world and progressively increase the difficulty of the server you want to hack.

The virtual world is filled with neon colors, random loot and deadly lasers and weapons. All collected items are available in your inventory from where you can use them. The surrounding world is filled with servers that you can hack. As expected, the security level of all servers is directly proportional with their size.

It is recommended that you start with small buildings and move to bigger targets as you increase your character’s level and experience. After you successfully hacked a server you can collect the items that were locked inside and spend your talent points in order to increase your hack attack and movement speed, weapon damage and range, critical hit change and damage, accuracy, loot find chance, health level, RAM and RAM returned.

Thanks to Black Ice’s HUD you can monitor your health level and RAM usage, view your location coordinates, track the remaining hack time and access your equipment. Every action in the game launches a program that use a certain amount of RAM until the process is complete.

Black Ice comes with intuitive game controls, immersive sound effects and graphics, numerous servers, deadly enemies and addictive gameplay. By accessing the Options menu, you can enable the Hardcore game mode, adjust mouse sensitivity and change the camera settings to your preferences.

In conclusion, Black Ice is a fun and enjoyable cyberpunk first person shooter that can keep you busy for hours as you try to hack bigger and more secure servers.

Black Ice was reviewed by , last updated on January 21st, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Intel only)

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