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Fun and engaging cards game that will allow you to play a virtual session of Spider Solitaire on your Mac

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Playing card games usually means that you have to face a number of other opponents with the goal of winning the most points or getting rid of your cards faster then every other player around the table.

Solitaire games are a different breed of cards games, in which you play alone against the card deck, with the final goal of organizing all the cards on the playing board according to a given set of rules.

The Best Spider Solitaire cards game is an OS X Spider solitaire game, in which you have to arrange all the cards in the two decks that you draw cards from.

The cards should be arranged from King to Ace, in multiple suits, one for each card sign. If you need to, you can move an entire, already organized stack of cards, to another suite of your choice, in order to reach the final and correct configuration.

Plain looking and relaxing graphics

While playing Best Spider Solitaire you can enjoy its clean styled card look, and the sharp and eye pleasing colors of the interface. The cards are designed to be easily recognizable and simple to move around to other stacks and suits, with a flick of the mouse.

Furthermore, Best Spider Solitaire features 4 levels of difficulty designed to make the a game a challenge either for beginners that have never played this Solitaire version before or for hardcore fans  which will need a higher level of complexity to make the most of their time spend playing.

Unlimited card move undo

Additionally, if you ever find yourself in a tight spot with no apparent solution in sight, Best Spider Solitaire enables you to perform an unlimited number of undo operations, to a point in the game where you can safely continue it without risking being stuck.

What’s more, when you can’t find a correct card move to make, Best Spider Solitaire makes sure that you’ll get help via its in-game hint system.


To sum it all up, Best Spider Solitaire is an enjoyable game for both solitaire beginners and players that have years of experience.

Best Spider Solitaire was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Best Spider Solitaire - From Best Spider Solitaire's in-game window you will be able to enjoy the Spider Solitaire game.

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