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Put your strategic thinking to the test as you try to use the available resources in order to defeat your enemies and defend your outpost against invaders

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Battle Nations is a fun and addictive turn-based strategy game and war simulator in which you have to prove your leader abilities as you try to build and expand your empire.

Battle Nations is available for free and can be easily installed via the App Store with just a mouse click. However, various items, like the nanopots, are available as in-app purchase and can be bought with real money.

Your main objective in Battle Nations is to train your troops, build and defend your outpost against enemies and battle your friends.

You can grow crops in order to earn money that you can use to develop and expand your territory and army. Thanks to the multiplayer feature you can challenge your friends through the Z2 network or even fight with other users.

During the campaign you will have to face AI opponents and learn your soldiers abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Battle Nations allows you to choose which units you want to use in your battle and place them on the grid according to your unit skills and abilities. In all battles you will have to pick a unit, turn by turn, and shoot a target in its range. The winner is declared the player with the last soldiers or units standing.

At the end of each battle you will receive gold and other rewards according to your performance on the battleground.

In order to maintain, heal and grow your empire you have to build your military base and use the available farm resource to feed your army.

You also need money, stone, wood, iron and oil in order to buy new units. Time is another valuable resource that will help you heal your troops after a battle.

Nanopods are the premium currency that you can use to speed up various actions or buy certain units and buildings.

To conclude, Battle Nations is an absorbing turn-based strategy game that offers over 500 mission, 100 different troops and vehicles that will help you defeat your enemies and expand your empire.

Battle Nations was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
Battle Nations - Your purpose in Battle Nations is to train your army, build your outpost and defeat powerful villains.Battle Nations - screenshot #2Battle Nations - In order to improve your defense and train more soldiers faster you will have to upgrade your Barracks.Battle Nations - screenshot #4Battle Nations - screenshot #5Battle Nations - The 'Build' menu helps you build military buildings, shops, housing and resource extraction facilities.Battle Nations - screenshot #7Battle Nations - screenshot #8

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