Battle For Wesnoth 1.12.1

A free and open source fantasy turn-based strategy game that enables you to build and train your own army in order to regain the throne of Wesnoth

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What's new in Battle For Wesnoth 1.12.1:

  • AI:
  • Big Animals Micro AI: bug fix for units not attacking when [avoid_unit] is
  • not set
  • Lurkers MAI: bug fix for attack error when lurker runs into ambush
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Battle For Wesnoth - Within the Battle of Wesnoth's campaign menu you can choose the episode you want to playBattle For Wesnoth - In the game's main window you can visualize the gameboard, control your hero, and venture into new questsBattle For Wesnoth - Users also have the possibility to play the game in multiplayer mode by joining a official server, connecting to a specific server, or host a network game themselvesBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For WesnothBattle For Wesnoth
Battle For Wesnoth is a complex and engaging turn-based tactical strategy game in which you can recruit soldiers and turn them into hardened veterans that will fight by your side against various enemies.

The Land of Wesnoth

Your battleground is separated into three main areas: the northlands, that are mainly lawless, the kingdom of Wesnoth and its principality, Elensefar, and the domain of the Southwest Elves. The Kingdom of Wesnoth is in the center of the map and has borders with the Great River to the north, the Lower Hills in the east and south, the Ocean to the west and the Green Swamp to the southwest.

You can try to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are also the legitimate heir, or use your powers to take control over the Undead and overshadow the land of mortals. You can also choose to take the lead of your famous Orchis tribe and fight against the humans who dared to conquer your lands.

Numerous units and player-driven gameplay

Battle For Wesnoth allow you to design your own custom units and even write your own scenario or full-blown campaigns. You can choose from over two hundred unit types, sixteen races and six major factions.

What is more, you can challenge your friends or players from around the world to engage in multi-player fantasy battles. All your experienced units will gain new abilities as the game progresses and you travel around the land.

Fierce creatures and varied landscape

Exploring the land is a good way to find numerous villages that you can use to heal your troops and increase your income. You’ll have to cross rivers and mountains, travel through forests, tundra, grassland or hills.

Numerous creatures have adapted in order to live in each of the above mentioned environments and, as a result, can travel more easily and fight better when they are in a familiar land. Consequently, orcs and dwarves are more comfortable in the hills, underground caves and mountains, the elves dominate the forests while the rivers and oceans are controlled by the mermen and nagas.

Battle For Wesnoth was reviewed by , last updated on January 26th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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