Atom Run 1.0.1

An addictive and challenging retro-futuristic platformer that takes you to a dystopian future where robots rule the world and humans no longer exist

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What's new in Atom Run 1.0.1:

  • Fixed bug:
  • Game center
  • New icon
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Atom Run - In Atom Run you have to take control of Elgo and use it to find all the atoms and molecules that are critical to creating new life.Atom Run - Throughout the levels you have to jump over obstacles, fly over enemies and collect molecules.Atom RunAtom RunAtom Run - At the end of each level you can check your score and view how many badges you collected.Atom RunAtom RunAtom Run
Atom Run is a fun and engaging action-packed platformer that comes with a mechanical-dynamic world filled with traps, dangers and obstacles that you must overcome.

Discover a lifeless world and try to bring it back to life by collecting elementary atoms and molecules

The action takes place in 2264, when an unprecedented catastrophe took place and put an end to all living creatures.

Only robots managed to survive the high level of radiation, however, they also sustained damaged and became uncontrollable.

Fortunately, only one, highly sophisticated robot prototype, managed to withstand high levels of radiations and now you are in charge of ti. Your main objective in Atom Run is to find all atoms and molecules required to restore life on Earth.

It is worth mentioning that your time is short, as a rocket has been programmed to blast off from earth and you must catch it.

Take advantage of the intuitive game controls and enjoy the beautiful 3D graphics

On the bright side, Elgo comes with easy-to-learn by hard to master commands that enable you to fully control the prototype. Also, Elgo comes with an infinite number of lives, a fact that should make your job easier.

The fast-paced platformer is optimized for retina displays and uses a 2D game engine and 3D graphics. The precise and intuitive game controls make it easy for your to explore the dangerous world and avoid traps.
On top of that, throughout the game you will enjoy the original music composed by the french artist, King Q4, as well as immersive sound effects that significantly improve the overall gaming experience.

Keep track of time and try to earn all badges in one run

Atom Run’s HUD helps you keep track of time view the number of collected molecules and atoms as you jump over obstacles, dodge uncontrollable robots and try to complete your mission.

To unlock new zones you are required to earn a certain number of badges, that can be collected by beating the clock, collecting all atoms and all molecules within a level.

Atom Run was reviewed by , last updated on August 5th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)


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