Apeiron X for Mac

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An old-style arcade game that's sure to put blisters on your fingers and a twitch in your mouse hand






Apeiron is Ambrosia's highly acclaimed classic, "Apeiron", given a new lease of life.

With updated 16 bit graphics, OS compatability, and the same fast paced, frantic gameplay. Also, you can now see how you rank against the best, with the built Internet High Scores! Got what it takes?

During a port through the looking glass, the mirror shatters and your ethereal energy (you know, the stuff that allows you to get up and go to work on a Monday morning...) is trapped within one of the crystal shards. Immediately, the residents of the mushroom patch sense your presence.

Lead by the Pentipede, this motley crew of mushroom patch misfits relentlessly hunt the crystal ( You! ), intent upon sucking out the trapped energy. The Pentipede is a sinister creature that has the ability to divide. So, if you think your troubles are over when you shoot this sneakered psycho once, you are twice as wrong.
Last updated on August 27th, 2008
Apeiron X - The main window of the game where you can see the score, the bonus and the lives left.Apeiron X - The preference window where you can change the display and the internet settings.

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