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Entertaining and amusing off road racing game designed to put you behind the wheel of racing cars and trucks that have to navigate through rugged terrains at high speeds

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Alpine Crawler Ultimate is a breed of game that shouldn’t normally offer too much fun while making your way through its simplistic looking levels. In spite of that and although it is, at times, a one key game, it does manage to keep you in front of your Mac for countless hours until you finish just one more level.

Multiple game modes

The Alpine Crawler Ultimate game offers you three gaming modes (i.e. free ride, time trial and challenge), all of them designed from the get go to make it as easy and as much fun as possible to drive through one of the 60 levels available in the Wild and World realms.

A wide variety of levels and terrains to choose from

Moreover, Alpine Crawler Ultimate features 3 types of terrain in each of the two available realms, all of them packed with levels that will more or less put your skill to the test, depending on the car you chose to drive.

This is probably the only downside of the game: the fact that if you choose to race using a small and fast car you will find yourself flying through all the levels, sometime not having to do much more than to hold the right arrow key pressed until the end.

Choose between fast or robust cars

As a defense to this, if you try to finish a level in the way described above, you should be aware that all drops from great heights will automatically get you K.O.-ed and out of the race for good.

Therefore, also taking this into consideration, choosing a sturdier car will probably mean that you will finish some of the maps a little slower but, as a bonus, you will not have to be so careful while (practically) flying through some of the less bumpy tracks.

To finish on a good note, Alpine Crawler Ultimate’s graphics and audio effects are good looking and immersive enough to make you enjoy even the easiest levels in the game thus, if you want to have fun rolling around in a virtual mountain setting, you should really give it a spin. You never know how much you'd like it.

Alpine Crawler Ultimate was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 19th, 2015
Alpine Crawler UltimateAlpine Crawler UltimateAlpine Crawler UltimateAlpine Crawler UltimateAlpine Crawler Ultimate

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