Allenroids for Mac

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Have fun in this simple yet challenging asteroids shooting game for Mac OS X that comes with a retro graphics design and intuitive controls.





Allenroids is an asteroids clone with retro-style graphics, Allenroids includes a two-player mode in which opponents can attack each other if they so choose.

The Allenroids game excels over many other Asteroids clones in two very important ways:
- It's two-player
- You can blast your opponent to smithereens (mwuhaha)!

Allenroid's graphics are done in a "retro" style. So it feels just like the eighties, but with smooth, scalable lines.
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
Allenroids - In the Allenroids main window you can view your current score.Allenroids - In the Allenroids main window you have the possibility to choose the game type.Allenroids - In the Allenroids Configuration panel you can easily customize the player's controls.

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