Airport-Firefighter-Simulator 1.2.0

An engaging and very fun game where you can experience the life of an airport firefighter, with all its thrills and dangers while playing on your Mac

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What's new in Airport-Firefighter-Simulator 1.2.0:

  • Bug fix for Retina-Displays
  • Game performance optimized
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Airport-Firefighter-Simulator - You can encounter multiple situations where you have to save the life of the crew and passengers.Airport-Firefighter-Simulator - Your first objective is to put out the fire and then secure the passengers.Airport-Firefighter-Simulator - In this game you can experience the life of an airport firefighter.
The life of an airport firefighter is a dangerous one, since they must overcome life threatening dangers in order to save people trapped inside an aircraft. Airport-Firefighter-Simulator is a simulation game that places you in the shoes of an airport firefighter working in multiple airports from all over the world.

Airport-Firefighter-Simulator allows you to drive the latest firefighter vehicles, which provide you with complete control over any type of situation. These vehicles give you access to the latest tools used by real, professional firefighters.

While playing the game you will encounter multiple scenarios, like plane crashes, damaged gangways or even burning turbines that need to be dealt with. All available tools can be accessed from the main window of the game, right after you start controlling the car and you will also be able to control the water speed, move the water column and keep a constant water pressure, if needed.

The game's action takes place on a huge airport terrain that can be accessed by all types of vehicles. Moreover, Airport-Firefighter-Simulator comes with beautiful graphics, with a large level of details for the plane and firefighter vehicle models.

Airport-Firefighter-Simulator's interface shows you the speed-o-meter, the fuel amount and other important information that you need to keep an eye on while driving the vehicle. The gameplay shines when you encounter plane crashes or other hazards that need to be handled as fast as possible.

The most interesting feature in Airport-Firefighter-Simulator is surely the randomness of all hazards. This keeps you alert at all times, since you must try and get all the passengers out, unharmed, and deal with the danger. Furthermore, each mission will give you a certain score, based on your abilities, like speed and accuracy.

All in all, Airport-Firefighter-Simulator is a fun game that will certainly appeal to most simulation game fans, since it places you in a real life situation that you need to deal with, before it leads to dramatic consequences.

Airport-Firefighter-Simulator was reviewed by , last updated on December 15th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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