Ace of Spades for Mac

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A fun and engaging first person shooter in which you have to use your shooting and dexterity skills in order to eliminate the competition






Ace of Spades is an entertaining and absorbing OS X multiplayer game that combines features from sandbox construction games with first-person shooter elements.

Ace of Spades comes with Minecraft-like graphics, intuitive game controls and an easy-to-read Score Board.

The players can easily choose between tow teams, Blue or Green and have to battle and face their opponents in various environments such as mountains, rivers or custom terrains.

In addition, Ace of Spades enables its player to build, design or destroy the world made of various cubes.

You can also explore the existing structures and use the surrounding environment to your advantage as you face your enemies.

Your ultimate goal is to take out the opposing team and capture their Intel without getting shot or killed.

Note: Detailed instructions on how to play, configure and change the game server are available on Ace of Spades home page.

An up to date list of all Ace of Spades internet servers is available HERE.
Last updated on April 7th, 2012
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