ABC Solitaire for Mac

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A unique and enjoyable puzzle game for the OS X platform where the objective is to clear tiles with numbers and letters from a board

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ABC Solitaire is a unique, challenging and at the same time time addictive puzzle game for the Mac OS X platform. The game requires lots of concentration, a sharp mind and a great observational spirit.

The goal of ABC Solitaire is pretty simple: you have to clear the board of letters and numbers. To do so, however, you need to move tiles the best way possible. Two tiles can be removed at a time if they are on the same column or line and no other tiles stand between them.

Furthermore, you are able to click on tiles to move them in all 4 directions. By moving them, you can make room for the tile you want to connect and place the latter to a position where it’s on the same line or column with another (and no tiles are between them).

That’s basically it. Solving the whole puzzle can be quite challenging but rewarding, too, if you finish it. A timer will monitor your played time, so you can beat your own scores or of other people who played the game.

Other features include the ability to undo last move and view hints. Moreover, ABC Solitaire comes with an ordinary OS X interface which displays the board, number of undos, hints and the timer. You can also change the color of the board background and of the symbols.

To conclude, ABC Solitaire can offer you many hours of addictive puzzle solving action and is a recommended game for OS X users whole love puzzle games with numbers and are up for a challenge.

ABC Solitaire was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 14th, 2014
ABC Solitaire - Your purpose in ABC Solitaire is to find and remove duplicate tiles as fast as you can.ABC Solitaire - In the top right corner you will be able to view the elapsed time.

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