Tribal Trouble 2 1.0

The clumsy Vikings are at it again!

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What's new in Tribal Trouble 2 1.0 Beta:

  • Unit and building changes:
  • The iron warrior is now known as a Berserker. He is a fast close combat warrior that uses his axe as a melee weapon instead of throwing it.
  • The chicken warrior is now known as a Chicken Punisher. His axe no longer requires rock and iron, and it stuns enemies it fails to kill.
  • The rock warrior is now known as an Axeman. Changes to his skills will come later.
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4 Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshots:
Tribal Trouble 2 - In Tribal Trouble 2 you have to lead a tribe, build its base and fight the enemy tribes.Tribal Trouble 2 - In this image you can see all the peasants in your tribe building an Armory; they'll cut off trees and use the wood for buildings.Tribal Trouble 2 - The General Options tab allows you to select the preferred game speed, the map mode delay and the tool tip delay.Tribal Trouble 2 - From the Sound Options tab you can easily change the volume of the game music and sound effects.
The award-winning Tribal Trouble is having a successor: Tribal Trouble 2!

As a chieftain of a tribe of clueless Vikings, you travel the seas pillaging enemy settlements. Fight the enemy in this fast paced real time strategy game and spend the loot on improvements for your tribe, that will take you far away on quests against other tribes and online players.

Lead your tribe to victory, fulfill given quests and most importantly, have lots of fun!

Last updated on June 15th, 2009

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)

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