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A practical and user-friendly application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly convert multiple TTF and OTF font files

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FontPrep is a simple and clean Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to prepare all of your webfonts.Thanks to FontPrep you can grab your TTF and OTF font files and convert them to the needed font-formats for the web.

In other words, you can load your standard font files, edit them and export the desired subset to one of the following formats: SVG, WOFF or EOT.

Simple and fast font browser and viewer

You just have to drag and drop your OTF and TTF font files onto FontPrep’s main window and wait for the app to analyze your fonts. When the list with all your files is generated, you can easily browse it and preview your fonts by simply clicking on one of the font entries.

Generate your own webfont packs

Hovering the mouse over a letter from the font preview panel allows you to copy the selected character along with its numeric entity reference. The “Export” slide menu helps you add the selected font to the export group, create a webfont pack, a custom subset or convert the font file to the TTF, OTF, WOFF, EOT, SVG or CSS format.

Create your own custom fonts

By using FontPrep, you can also trim down a font with thousands of characters and create a font with as many glyphs you might need. The subsetter helps you extract a certain character set like Cyryllic, Greek or Latin and you can even create your own custom range.

Preview your fonts using a local production-like web interface

What is more, FontPrep features a local webserver, called FontPrep Playground, that runs on port 7500 and which allows you to preview how your fonts will look like in production.

FontPrep Playground helps you preview each individual character and change the font size along with the color. Moreover, the auto-hinting function ensures that your webfonts will look amazing regardless of the platform and web browser used to view them.

FontPrep was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
FontPrep - You can drag and drop the fonts you want to convert onto FontPrep's main window.FontPrep - All loaded fonts can be easily previewed and exported to a location of your choice.FontPrep - You can export the selected font to WOFF, EOT, SVG or CSS format.FontPrep - screenshot #4FontPrep - screenshot #5FontPrep - screenshot #6

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