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An easy to use vector graphics editor that includes intuitive tools for creating beautiful logos, icons, headings, and other visual elements.

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Creating high quality visual illustrations can be a fairly challenging task: complex graphic suites that can work with vector graphics require many resources, and come with rather complex workflows.

Art Text is a Mac app that enables you to work with vector elements in an intuitive manner, and comes with a large collection of templates that will help you design new logos, icons, headings, or buttons in no time.

Effortless to install vector graphics editor featuring a large templates, textures, and gradients collection

Upon launch, the Art Text app automatically opens the Templates Gallery window where you can browse all included models, organized by type. Of course, you can also create blank projects and start from scratch.

In addition, Art Text also includes a considerable collection of effects, textures, and shaders that can be applied to your objects, and even enables you to create your own materials. At the same time, the app provides various geometrical styles for your objects, that can be easily adjusted and resized to match your own needs.

Streamlined software solution for creating high quality graphic designs by using intuitive drag and drop tools

The templates provided by Art Text can be easily personalized in the app’s main window with little effort. You can create titles featuring your own text in any of the styles and patterns provided by Art Text, and you may even choose to combine multiple graphic objects in order to create more complex designs.

The latter is made possible by the fact that Art Text allows you to include multiple layers in the same project. Moreover, Art Text comes with a built in vector editor where you can easily create your own models. The editor sports basic functionalities: you can draw lines, curved lines, circles, or squares.

User friendly vector graphics editor sporting beautiful templates and efficient editing tools

Art Text proposes a simple workflow for creating new, high quality graphic objects by adjusting predefined templates, or by applying various textures, patterns, or geometric styles. All in all, working with Art Text has the potential of greatly improving your productivity level.

Art Text was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 3rd, 2014
Art Text - In the Art Text main window you can easily choose one of the available headings, buttons, icons, or logos templates.Art Text - In the Art Text main window you can easily apply new patterns and further edit the content of your projects.Art TextArt TextArt Text - Via the Art Text Layers menu you can easily choose to insert a new layer to your current project.Art Text

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