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Free and open source personal finance application that helps you keep track of your investment accounts and financial transactions

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Keeping a close eye on your personal finances is imperative if you want to make sure you are always taking responsible, well informed decisions concerning your investments and expenses. jGnash is a small personal finance manager that can be run on any operating system that provides support for the Java runtime environment.

Java based personal finance manager that can be used right out of the box

The jGnash software package contains a precompiled JAR file, so all you have to do to complete the installation is drag and drop the containing folder in the Applications directory. The jGnash JAR can be opened with a double click, or you can run the following command in the Terminal app: “java -jar jGnash2.jar”.

The next step is to create a new database that will be used to store your financial details. You have the option to choose the storage type, the output location, the default currency, the type of accounts that should be created by default, and more.

Monitor multiple accounts and plan the budget for the next year

Like many other finance management solution, jGnash offers you the possibility to monitor both the income and expenses transactions for multiple accounts, and automatically calculates the final balance in each case. Furthermore, you get to set reminders for different events, so you will not fall behind your payments due to forgetfulness.

What’s more, in the Budget section, you get to plan your expenses for each month in the upcoming year: this way you can plan your investments on a long term, and visualize if you actually manage to reduce your expenses.

Simple but efficient management system for your personal finances

Due to the fact that it runs on the Java platform, the jGnash overall design might look outdated to users accustomed to deal with apps that follow the OS X Human Interface Guidelines. However, the application is fully functional, and is able to get the job done without making the user deal with a complex workflow.

jGnash was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
jGnash - Here you can manage your finances.jGnash - Reports can be created and accessed from this panel.jGnash - Some visualization actions can be found here.jGnash - screenshot #4jGnash - screenshot #5jGnash - screenshot #6jGnash - screenshot #7jGnash - screenshot #8

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