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A powerful tool for investors that want to assess the development of different funds, stocks or currencies from the commodity of their Mac.

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TanukiPortfolio is a Mac OS X application that has been designed to help you keep track of your investment portfolio. The application allows you to view details about different stocks, the exchange rate for different currencies or the status of certain mutual funds.

TanukiPortfolio comes with a main window where you can view a list of all your investments and then allows you access additional information in different pop up panels. The app allows you to filter the available information by date: you can select the date from the left side of the main window. The same area allows you to apply other sorting criteria to your lists.

For each stock, TanukiPortfolio allows you to view the ticker code, kind, the country or region, the current price, the average price, how many shares you have, the performance level and the investor relations website (if available).

At the same time, right above the items list you can view information about different countries or regions: the currency, the estimated exchange rate, how much you have invested, the performance level, the latent / capital / income gain and the final balance.

This way, you can easily monitor your entire trade history: you can analyze your dividend receipts and how you have reinvested the dividends in chronological order and more. Since you can set a target profit and a loss cut limit, you will be able to assess your current position at a glance.

What’s more, TanukiPortfolio comes with a built in web browser, so you will be able to check the investor relations website or other stock pages with a simple mouse click. You can also  keep track of the news regarding different stocks via the build in RSS viewer.

To sum up, TanukiPortfolio can prove to be a vey useful utility if you need to keep track of your stocks, funds or of the exchange rate for different currencies.

TanukiPortfolio was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
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