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A sleek and lightweight Mac OS X application that brings the latest stock market values on your menu bar withing a compact user interface

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StockTab is a stock market client for the Mac OS X platform that enables you to keep a close eye on the current stock values of financial markets right from your menu bar. The app updates itself in realtime and supports a large number of stocks.

Simple stock exchange tracking

Using StockTab is a walk in the park thanks to the slick and straightforward interface comprised of a list with only essential information, such as stock name (symbol), stock value and percentage changes.

The raises are colored in green and the drops in red. Moreover, the app updates information very frequently, but you can also update it manually by clicking the notification on the lower bar.

Powerful stock finder

In addition, there are only 3 stocks displayed by default, but you can add more by clicking the Plus icon or via the Preferences. Because the app automatically detects the stock (given a name or symbol), it is really simple to find the stocks you wish to monitor.

Additionally, you can add any number of stocks in the list and increase the height of the list, as well. Also, the list can be further customized by reordering the stocks with a simple drag’n’drop. On top of this, the window can even be detached from the menu bar, in which case it functions as a standalone desktop app.

Customizable user interface and behavior

Another useful function is the ability to stay on top of active windows at all times with a click on the Anchor button. If you would like to reset the size and position of the window to a default state, just use the “Reset App Window” button.

Some extra flexibility is included in the preferences, where you can record a global hotkey to open the app’s window and toggle several view settings, such as keeping the tab visible as background app and hiding the Dock icon.

User-friendly stock monitoring tool

In summary, StockTab is not the most complex piece of software created to monitor stock markets, but supports a ton of stocks and updates its values on a minute-by-minute basis.

StockTab was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 24th, 2015
StockTab - From the main window, you can track individual stocks in realtime.StockTab - The settings menu lets you access the preferences, undock the window or reset the app window.StockTab - To add a new stock, just enter the stock symbol or name in the search field and click the stock from the result list.StockTabStockTab

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