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Uncomplicated yet very powerful Mac OS X application designed to offer you the necessary tools to digitally manage your receipts and other paperwork.

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Organizing receipts, bills, financial statements, and other types of paper documentation can prove to be both time and space consuming.

Paperless is a Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to keep records in a digital manner, by scanning all the papers in order to store them in the app’s database for easy access.

Well structured user interface for organizing scanned paperwork

Working with Paperless is fairly intuitive because the application comes with a clean and organized interface: a panel on the left side contains a list with all your documents types and collections, the center area allows you to preview each file, while in the right sided panel you can store additional information or personal notes about each item.

Since Paperless comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, you will be able to find specific documents a lot easier thanks to the built-in search function. As a result, doing your taxes will prove to be a lot more time efficient.

Create your own filling system and effortlessly keep track of expenses

Once a document is scanned and imported within the Paperless application, you have the possibility to include it in any of the user defined collections.

At the same time, Paperless enables you to organize the items by type: contact, correspondence, document, receipt, and so on.

Furthermore, Paperless also keeps a number of smart folders: today, this week, this month, last week, last month. This way, you can easily view a list of documents that have been added in a certain time frame.

Uncomplicated document organizer featuring a streamlined workflow

Paperless is a great tool to have around if you want to have a clear look upon your financial activity without having to deal with piles of paperwork: you can easily create digital copies, and organize the items by different criteria.

Moreover, the best part is that the files' content becomes searchable, so it is a lot easier to find a specific document.

Paperless was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
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