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A colorful expenses tracking application for Mac OS X that enables you to quickly track all your transactions, set up budgets, and more.

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To make responsible financial decisions, you need to have a realistic view of your current resources and expenses.

MoneyBag is a Mac app that helps you record transactions, organize them by expense and income categories, and generate insightful reports about you current financial situation.

MoneyBag is not designed to work with multiple users,  but includes ample customization options when it comes to creating accounts.

The application can work with 5 types of “moneybags” (expense, income, savings, goals, or emergency funds accounts), and you get to personalize them by adding a suggestive name and an icon.

Quickly record all types of transactions

MoneyBag offers you the possibility to quickly add new transactions by simply providing a name and an amount. However, in the transaction panel you get to store notes, to add tags or location details, to set up a date, a reminder, to create a recursive event, or to attach an image.

In addition, you can also assign it to a specific account, regardless of its type, and MoneyBag will automatically calculate the final balance. This is extremely useful for expense categories because they have a budget: you can quickly see if you are about to go over budget.

Instantly generates colorful reports and charts

In the MoneyBag Overview panel you can view a chart depicting the expenses for the current month, while in the Reports area you can view a budget analysis, expenses charts, and graphs showing the income / expenses / savings ratio. Moreover, you get to analyze how successful is your savings strategy over time.

Furthermore, to help you stay motivated, MoneyBag can record your goals and how much money you have saved for a certain project. Last but not least, you can easily import digitized versions of your bills and attach them to a specific transaction.

User friendly financial tracking application that comes with extensive analysis and graphing tools

MoneyBag offers you the possibility to record all your financial transactions, regardless of their type: you can associate them with various accounts, goals, or expense categories.

Nonetheless, the fact that you can quickly visualize graphs depicting your financial situation is equality useful when you want to understand how are you spending your resources.

MoneyBag was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
MoneyBag - In the MoneyBag main window you get to monitor all your transactions, organized by category.MoneyBag - In the MoneyBag transaction panel you can quickly add notes, tags, location details, set up reminders, and much more.MoneyBag - screenshot #3MoneyBag - screenshot #4MoneyBag - screenshot #5MoneyBag - screenshot #6MoneyBag - screenshot #7MoneyBag - screenshot #8MoneyBag - In the MoneyBag Overview panel you can visualize a colorful chart depicting your expenses.MoneyBag - screenshot #10MoneyBag - screenshot #11MoneyBag - screenshot #12MoneyBag - screenshot #13MoneyBag - screenshot #14MoneyBag - screenshot #15

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