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Personal finance manager for OS X designed to make it easy to effortlessly plan, organize and analyze all your finances using your Mac

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Managing your own finances with a pen and a few sheets of paper is a thing of the past because now we have computers to do the work for us.

The applications that can help you perform such tasks are known as financial managers and, one of them, the Iron Money OS X utility, can be used to keep closely monitor your accounts, while also helping you to efficiently organize, plan and analyze your transactions and budgets.

The first time you start Iron Money on your Mac, you will instantly be familiar with the app’s three panel design. On the left you can select the financial category you want to work with, on the top right side you are presented with list of related transactions and on the bottom with a simple graphical representation of that category’s evolution in time.

The Iron Money app makes it very quick and simple to download and import your transaction from hundreds of USA based financial institutions (you can find a detailed list of all supported institutions on the list of supported Iron Money banks page). This way you can quickly get all your transactions in order and generate simple graphs that can help you get extra insights in your financial data.

Moreover, once you’ve added all the transactions for your accounts for a long enough period of time, you can rapidly split them as incomes or expenses to see on what you’ve been spending your money.

In addition, Iron Money also comes with a very useful budgeting tool designed to automatically split up your income to fit your planned expenses, or to help you take charge of your money and save up for unplanned payments or for irregular bills.

Keeping a close eye on your finances is a simple and straightforward task when using Iron Money to do the job, especially because it provides you with reminders that alert you when your balance is dropping below a pre-define margin or when bills have to be paid.

With the help of the Iron Money OS X application you can manage your money a lot easier, and you will always be in the know of where your money are going and for what.

Iron Money was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
Iron Money - The main window where you can view your transactions.Iron Money - You can easily create new accounts.Iron Money - You may also create new categories that will be included in 3 main parent categories: income, expenses and transfers.Iron Money - screenshot #4Iron Money - screenshot #5

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