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A comprehensive and user-friendly personal finance and money management application that enables you to plan and keep track of your income and expenses

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Fortora Fresh Finance is a versatile Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to manage your finances.

Personal finance manager

By using Fortora Fresh Finance you can easily keep track of your income and spending, organize your bills, track due dates, plan your budget and even import data directly from your bank or other sources.

What is more, you can balance your checkbook, setup bill reminders, track your credit cards and generate detailed reports that can help you view and analyze your financial status. You can import data from various financial institutions or manually via QFX, OFX, CSV or QIF files.

Intuitive interface

Fortora Fresh Finance features a clean and straightforward interface that offers you quick and easy access to all the tools you need. Hence, you can effortlessly track your bank accounts, loans and expenditure, as well as credit cards and have an overview of your financial situation for the last six months or more.

From the side panel you can access your bank accounts, check your credit cards’ status, view the available cash and track your loans. You can also access the Configuration panel and generate reports with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

Financial overview and bill reminder

The Budget Status panel helps you compare your income with expenses and view the differences, while the Financial Overview graphic offers a visual representation of your financial evolution.

Thanks to the Upcoming Reminders panel you can view past due, pending and due bills as well as their value. By accessing the File menu, you can create a new entries, print checks, import data, connect to a financial institution, archive your accounts and export your data to a QIF file.

In addition, Fortora Fresh Finance allows you to backup or restore your data and restrict the access using a password. Moreover, you can generate a balance forecast using the stored upcoming transaction reminders.

Fortora Fresh Finance was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 18th, 2015
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