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A lightweight, user-friendly and powerful application that provides a fully-featured financial calculator that makes it easy for you to solve all sorts of problems

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FinKit is a versatile and intuitive financial calculator that enables you to solve simple or complex problems concerned with the time value of money.

A fully-featured financial calculator for all types of problems

The light and easy-to-use application is very easy to install and requires only a small part of your storage space.

In return, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive lists of calculations that you can perform with just a couple of mouse clicks.

In total, there are over 55 different financial calculations that you can perform directly from within FinKit’s main window.

On top of that, FinKit enables you to do on the fly currency conversions between 182 currencies and check hundreds of life tables for 40 countries from different corners of the world.

Quickly and effortlessly determine various costs and bond values

When it comes to assets, FinKit helps you to rationally choose between multiple alternatives by taking into account the cost, useful life, salvage value and maintenance cost of assets. Consequently you can determine the classic or MACRS depreciation with ease.

Working with bonds is also easy, you can find the previous and next coupon day of a bond, find the initial book value along with the market quote, find out weather it is purchased at premium or a discount and determine the remaining coupon payments.

Calculate the number of days between any given dates

Since time is also a valuable commodity, FinKit helps you calculate the exact and approximate time between two calendar dates. In addition, FinKit is capable to generate series of periodic dates using custom date adjustment options and allows you to calculate time between dates as a fraction of a year using six different day count methods.

With FinKit’s help, you also have the option to calculate the periodic payment for a standard loan and plan your amortization schedule. Moreover, FinKit helps you calculate periodic payments, present and future value of all types of annuities.

FinKit was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 31st, 2014
FinKit - The app's main window lets you type in the nominal annual rate, choose the payments' type, the loan amount, etc.FinKit - Here you can see details for the Rule of 78 Loans.FinKit - The calculation for the Installment Loan.FinKit - The File menu lets you open the Life Tables.FinKit - You can see the Life Tables per country. This is the table for Spain.FinKit - To open the Loan and Leases tables use the option in the Calculation menu.FinKit - The Currency menu provides you various options to calculate your loans.FinKit - The Preference's General menu allows you to specify if you want to save positions when quitting.FinKit - The Copy tab enables you to copy values when switching calculations.FinKit - The Precision settings.

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