Easy Spend Log for Mac2.5

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A straightforward and flexible OS X application designed to help you monitor your spending habits and organize expenses into categories

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Easy Spend Log is a handy OS X application that provides an intuitive workspace for managing your personal or professional expenses. In other words, the application enables you to keep track of every sum of money you have spent daily in the past year.

The user interface is plain-looking, yet highly intuitive and is divided into 2 main tabs, one for creating new entries and the other to view the summary. Within an entry, you can specify the date, account (sum of money spent), location, category (food, education, gas, medical, etc.) and description.

Furthermore, entries can be created by clicking the Plus button at the top right corner of the main window. What’s more, entries are listed as a compact list in chronological order and each type of information is divided into columns.

Easy Spend Log allows you to create any number of accounts you prefer. They can represent your household, work or travels, for instance. You can also easily switch between accounts by accessing the Account popup via the left pane.

In the Summary tab, you can view all the expenses you have made throughout the year. To put it differently, Easy Spend Log displays how much money you have spent in each category in a month.

Another benefit of using the application is that information is automatically saved. An option to export or export the data to a CSV document is also available. Optionally, users can even sync data with the iOS counterparts of the app.

For the most part, Easy Spend Log seems like a very useful application for managing finances on a daily basis. It is very simple to work with, helps you keep track of all your daily expenses and provides statistics at the end of each month.

Easy Spend Log was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
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