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A simple and user-friendly text-based calculator that enables you to take notes ant perform various calculations at the same time

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CalcNote is a light, clean and powerful Mac OS X application specially designed to help you make all sorts of calculations and write short or detailed descriptions for your variables.

CalcNote comes with a simple and intuitive interface that simulates the pages of an old school notepad. Every time you need to perform complex and demanding calculations that are to difficult to make using a standard calculator you can use CalcNote and write down your problem.

Thanks to CalcNote, you can keep track of your finances by comparing your income with your expenses. In addition, you can calculate your savings, annual rent value, or any other values that you want to determine.

You can write down your work directly from within CalcNote or open a simple TXT file that is formatted accordingly. CalcNote provides support for user-definable variables. In other words, you can perform complex or simple calculations with the defined variable. You just have to give them values and compose various mathematical operations using the provided variables.

All your variables are automatically stored by CalcNote and allows you to access the list with all your variables by simply hitting the ESC key. Moreover, CalcNote can autocomplete your variables as you type. CalcNote also allows you to group multiple variables and re-use a variable multiple times in your calculations. At the bottom of the screen you can view the Total and Average values for all your variables.

The best thing about CalcNote, is its ability to perform all calculations in real-time. Hence, you can change a variable value and preview your final results with the new value just as you type it. You can save your calculation list to a plain text file or print it with just a couple of mouse clicks.

CalcNote was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 23rd, 2014
CalcNote - From CalcNote's main window you can take notes and perform calculations at the same time.

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