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Emulates the ZX Spectrum computer series and offers you the possibility to resurrect your .tap files by using a virtual tape recorder.






zxsp is a free simulator / emulator for the historic ZX Spectrum home computer family.

Moreover, zxsp can simulate the black and white models ZX80 and ZX81, the Jupiter Ace, the ZX Spectrum models with 16K and 48K ram, the Spanish clone from Inves, the +128, +2, and the +2A/+2B including the Spanish and French localised versions.

With zxsp, you can load from and save to a built-in virtual tape recorder or a real-world cassette recorder or a real-world computer. It also can dup real-world cassette tapes to ".tap" files or vice versa.

zxsp is designed to support ".sna" and ".z80" snapshot files, ".tap", ".tzx", ".80", ".81", ".o", ".p" tape files, ".scr" and ".gif" animated screenshots, excellent sound, precise screen and border effects, joysticks, a virtual tape recorder and virtual keyboards.
Last updated on May 19th, 2015
zxsp - An example of a classic Sinclair ZX game.zxspzxspzxspzxspzxspzxspzxspzxspzxsp

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