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A complete and powerful application that enables users to create and manage model railroads and trains with the help of their Macs

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iTrain is a cross-platform application designed for model train enthusiasts that offers the possibility to control model railroads and trains from a Mac computer.

Powerful, yet easy to use software solution that offers enhanced control options over your model railroads

Finding your way around the application is quite easy since the user interface is user-friendly and the workspace is organized in an intuitive manner: in the upper left corner of the main window you can see a list with all the available locomotives and wagons, together with their current status and main control tools.

The throttle control can be found in the lower left corner of the iTrain main window, while on the right side you can visualize the switchboard and control or view information about all the trains, signals and other objects.

iTrain proposes a simple manner in which users can take control of their model trains: with the help of the “Loc control” panel users can adjust the speed of the train within the “Control” tab, while the route of specific trains can be modified by accessing the “Options” tab.

Customize with ease all your model railroad characteristics with the help of this comprehensive app

Noteworthy is that the iTrain Switchboard offers you the possibility to switch between different viewing modes in order to effortlessly control the switches, decouplers, turnouts, feedbacks, signals, relays and other railroad objects and notifications. Note that users have the option to create and edit their own switchboards by selecting the “Edit” menu and selecting “Switchboard” or by simply pressing Command + F4.

For a better view and control over your model railroad and accessories users can use the feedback monitor: it will display the status of every feedback component integrated in the railroad model by changing their color.

All in all, iTrain proves to be a well-designed and easy to use application that will surely help all model train enthusiasts to customize and better control their dream model railway.

iTrain was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on September 10th, 2015
iTrain - The main window where you can view and manage the railroad activity.iTrain - This drop-down menu allows you to change the current locomotive.iTrain - From this drop-down menu you can choose the locomotive type.iTrain - screenshot #4iTrain - screenshot #5iTrain - screenshot #6iTrain - screenshot #7iTrain - screenshot #8iTrain - screenshot #9iTrain - screenshot #10iTrain - screenshot #11

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