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A stylish Mac OS X application that provides quick access to a collection of rehabilitation exercises suitable for specific muscles.

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All physical activity is beneficial but you need special guidance if you want to rehabilitate or develop a specific part of your body. iMuscle is a great Mac application that includes a collection of exercises organized by the targeted muscles.

The iMuscle user interface is comprised from two different panels: one for managing the user profiles and one for visualizing the exercises. Since the app provides support for multiple user accounts, it can be successfully used by trainers to manage the exercises for different patients or clients.

iMuscle provides a 3D representations of the human body muscles organized by type: rotate and zoom the 3D model to analyze both deep and superficial muscles. Select the one you want to use and the app will provide a list of suitable exercises and workout routines (includes over 650 animated exercises).

The user can read precise instructions regarding the preparation and execution of each exercise. At the same time, you will view both the secondary and primary muscles that will be affected by the movement.

Moreover, iMuscle provides a collection of predefined workouts: for each entry you can view how many days a week you should practice and what exercises you should perform each day.

Note that you can also create your own routines by dragging and dropping exercises to a list and specifying howe many repetitions one should perform and the weights used. The result can be easily shared with others via email.

Last but not least, iMuscle can be used to track your progress by allowing you to store details about your weight and the measurements for each part of the body.

To sum up, iMuscle is a great workout companion since it provides a large collection of exercises and provides details about the muscles affected by each movement.

iMuscle 2 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 9th, 2014
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