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A virtual flash card program for the Mac OS X which will help you study almost anything using an integrated library, audio files and much more






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iFlash is a virtual flash card application which will help you study almost anything. You can enter in the front and back of cards, and have iFlash play them back to you.

iFlash includes many great features to help you study. You can record audio directly into any flash-card (great for foreign languages), as well as attach images.

Other features include an unlimited amount of card sides per deck, advanced importing and exporting, iPod support, quick-searching, and a beautiful interface that is strikingly similar to other iApplications (like iTunes and iPhoto).
Last updated on March 16th, 2014
iFlash - From this window users can add, export or remove cards and set the deck preferences.iFlash - This menu allows you to import or export deck to iPhone or iTouch, as text file or to an older iPod.iFlash - From this View menu you can sort the cards and more.iFlash - The general preferences can be adjusted from this window.iFlash - In this tab you can set the editor properties.iFlash - From this window users can modify the card show options.iFlash - This window allows you to set the advanced preferences.iFlash - From this main window users can add, open or import decks and open the deck library.

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