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Volume interactivity is the key to providing the user with an enhanced perception of depth and realism






Volocity is a 3D imaging application focused on Life Science research that will prove to be powerful and innovative.

Volocity provides support for analyzing multi-channel 3D volumes and visualize them over time: this way you can gather information that is otherwise very difficult to obtain.

Volocity can deal with 2D, 3D and 4D imaging while also accepting image sequences from wide and confocal field microscopes.

Volocity is the core product but there are four completely integrated extension applications that create a full suite of tools for 3D image processing: Volocity Acquisition, Volocity Quantitation, Volocity Restoration and Volocity Visualization.

Volocity Acquisition is designed specifically for high performance acquisition of time-resolved, multi- channel 3D sequences. It supports a range of hardware suitable for 3D imaging, including wide field microscopes, scientific grade digital cameras, fast focus drives and wavelength changers.

Volocity Quantitation is designed to identify, measure and track biological structures in 2D, 3D and 4D. This unique module incorporates innovative classification technology for rapid identification and quantitation of populations of objects in 2D, 3D and 4D.

Volocity Restoration includes restoration algorithms and measured or calculated PSF generation options for confocal and wide field microscopes. The Volocity restoration algorithms are designed for rapid, high-quality restoration of 4D and 3D volumes and for accurate comparison and quantitation of time-resolved changes.

Volocity Visualization provides an extensive range of visualization and publication features. The Volocity 3D View enables the user to interactively explore a 3D rendered object.

The user can, in real time, rotate, zoom and animate the 3D object whilst simultaneously varying the contribution and rendering mode for each channel.

The user can also position the viewing point either outside or inside the 3D object, and then watch as structures change and develop over time. Bookmarks may be used to store the position and appearance of the 3D volume and the movie interface may be used to animate transitions between bookmarks.
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Volocity - From Volocity's main window you will be able to browse your library and display the image of the selected project.Volocity - The Sequence tab enables you to easily view all the sequences of individual projects.Volocity - The Measurements tab helps you read all the measurements related to the selected file.Volocity - screenshot #4Volocity - screenshot #5Volocity - screenshot #6Volocity - screenshot #7Volocity - screenshot #8Volocity - screenshot #9Volocity - screenshot #10Volocity - screenshot #11Volocity - screenshot #12Volocity - screenshot #13

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