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A free-to-use piece of software that makes it simple to create vocabulary lists in numerous languages and export them in a print-friendly format

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Vocapp Tutor is a handy and very simple to use Mac OS vocabulary training application that comes with iCloud integration, the ability to insert words and definitions / translations in up to 3 languages, to search and speak words.

Although the vocabulary training features of Vocapp Tutor are quite rudimentary, the advantage is that you can print the vocabulary documents into multiple layouts. In addition, the iCloud support ensures that your files are kept safe in the cloud and available on other platforms.

Furthermore, as soon as you launch Vocapp Tutor, you can start creating a new vocabulary list using a 3-column table. The first column contains the source language words, the second column contains the target language words and the 3rd column can contain notes or translations in another language.

The 1st and 2nd languages can be defined in the Settings panel. Moreover, the app can even speak your target words, depending on the language you have selected. Unfortunately, only English is supported as of version 1.0.2 (though 10 different types of android voices are available).

Another benefit of using the application is that you can immediately print or export the vocabulary in a print-friendly PDF format. It is also possible to export the project as a .voc file that can only be opened with Vocapp Tutor and as a CSV file with custom column separators and line breaks.

Taking everything into consideration, Vocapp Tutor is an efficient Mac OS X utility that helps you create clean and elegant vocabulary list, which you can easily print and study. Due to the powerful Core Data support, Vocapp Tutor can store data in iCloud, supports printing and Time Machine recoveries.

Vocapp Tutor was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014
Vocapp Tutor - By accessing the main window, you can add words and their translation or definition.Vocapp Tutor - In the Export panel, you can chose the column separator, line breaks and whether or not to include headers.Vocapp Tutor - The column separators include a comma, semicolon, equal sign or a TAB.Vocapp Tutor - screenshot #4Vocapp Tutor - screenshot #5Vocapp Tutor - screenshot #6

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