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Powerful productivity application for the Mac OS X that helps you divide a project into small tasks in order to avoid the mental barriers created by the fight or flight response.

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The Pomodoro technique for time management states that the user should divide the work time into short periods and alternate them with small breaks: as a result, your brain will work better and the productivity level is increased.

Vitamin-R is an application that applies the same principle but takes things to a whole new level: you get to greatly personalize your experience and hide all other windows in an attempt to stay focused.

Unobtrusive user interface

Vitamin-R is designed to stay out of your way most of the time: the app places an icon in your status bar and you can access its main window by clicking the icon. The same area displays a timer for both work and pause periods.

Set up custom time slices

To get started, in the Vitamin-R main window you must set up a new task: define your objective in a text area that includes basic editing tools, associate the time slice to a certain project, decide which applications should be hidden to eliminate all distractions, set up the time length and then simply press the “Start” button.

The next time you try to create a new time slice though, Vitamin-R will make you create a break timer first: the default break timer is set at 5 minutes but you can easily adjust it.

Eliminate distractions to stay focused

Vitamin-R offers you the possibility to hide or quit applications and keep only the ones relevant to the task at hand. However, keep in mind that Vitamin-R does not block you access to those apps in any way.

Various productivity tools

The Focus Now, Focus Later, Focus ScratchPad and Focus Objective panels provided by Vitamin-R offer you the possibility to have an overview upon your current projects so you won’t get lost in details.

At the same time, you can analyze your productivity level by taking a look at the app statistics or logs, or you can use the built in noise machine to stay relaxed while working.

Highly customizable time management application

Vitamin-R provides a plethora of options and personalization possibilities in order to help you discover your rhythm and make the most out of the time you spend working.
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Last updated on May 12th, 2015

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Vitamin-R - You can create and track the time spent on your project from the status bar item.Vitamin-R - You can pause or end the time slice, mute all sounds and even start a timed break, if needed.Vitamin-R - From the Tools menu you can easily access statistics, logs and the noise machine.Vitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-RVitamin-R

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