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Provides a clean and organized environment for visualizing and studying the human anatomy, but also efficient methods for testing your knowledge.

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The human body is quite complex and studying its anatomy usually requires you to visualize different graphic representations in order to be able to recognize each element and understand its function.

Human Anatomy Atlas provides a very useful collection of 3D, interactive human body representations that will help you comprehend how we are built and what is the purpose of each organ, even though you are not a medical professional.

The demo version allows you to explore only the skeletal system, but Human Anatomy Atlas provides access to a large collection of anatomical models for all body systems. You can view Ligaments and Muscles, the Circulatory system (arteries, veins, heart), Nerves, the Brain, the Skin or the Respiratory, Digestive, Lymphatic, Reproductive, Urinary and Endocrine systems.

In the Human Anatomy Atlas main window you are able to zoom in and out the available models, to select only certain parts, to read definitions for each separate structure, to add your own drawings or save your own view, which you can bring back later.

What’s more, you can take quizzes (usually you have three chances to get the answer right) and test how much you have improved since you started using the application. Human Anatomy Atlas also allows you to share your progress or specific views with your friends.

All in all, Human Anatomy Atlas is a great application that comes with an intuitive workflow and enables you explore accurate representations of the human body. The app can prove to be useful both to fresh medical students and to enthusiasts that simply want to know more about the human anatomy.

Human Anatomy Atlas was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
Human Anatomy Atlas - In the Human Anatomy Atlas main window you can choose to explore the available information or test your knowledge.Human Anatomy Atlas - In the Human Anatomy Atlas main window you can browse any of the available views.Human Anatomy AtlasHuman Anatomy AtlasHuman Anatomy AtlasHuman Anatomy Atlas - In the Human Anatomy Atlas main window you can browse the views you have saved and quickly access the information again.Human Anatomy Atlas

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