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A well-designed, user-oriented and useful application specially designed to help you learn how to type better and faster without looking at your keyboard

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TypeTeach US is a well-thought out typing tutor that enables you to focus on your typing, improve your writing speed and increase your accuracy.

Effortlessly improve your writing speed and accuracy

From within TypeTeach US’ simple and clean interface you have access to numerous lessons, as well as practice sessions, which you can try in order to improve your typing and evaluate your progress.

TypeTeach US comes with over fifty lessons and practice sessions that can teach you how to type with all your fingers and increase the writing speed without too much effort.

In addition, you’ll learn how to type with fewer mistakes and, as a result, focus on accuracy rather than your keyboard.

Specially made for US keyboard layout

TypeTeach US is designed for the QWERTY keyboard layout and each featured lesson comes with descriptive pictures and useful tips. The best thing about TypeTeach US, is that it is able to work with you at your own pace, there are no timers and you can always redo your last actions by deleting the written text.

During your practice sessions, TypeTeach US automatically highlights the keys you need to press and, without looking at the keyboard, you need to press them in the displayed order. Any mistake can be corrected using the delete button.

Go through all lessons and practice at your own pace

By accessing the Preferences slide sheet, you can easily switch between the Learn and the Practice mode. Moreover, you have the option to hide or show the mouse cursor, play the typewriter sounds and toggle the “Beep” on error sound.

On top of that, TypeTeach US makes it easy for you to reset the app and select the lesson you want to practice via the Practice tab. When you are happy with your performance you can access the File menu and end the current lesson.

It is recommended to access the Fundamentals window before using TypeTeach US and read the entire information provided by the app.

TypeTeach US was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
TypeTeach US - From TypeTeach US' main window you have access to numerous lessons designed to help you learn how type better.TypeTeach US - screenshot #2TypeTeach US - During your practice sessions you are required to pres the highlighted keys without looking at your keyboard.TypeTeach US - The Preferences slide sheet allows you to switch between the Learn and Practice mode.TypeTeach US - screenshot #5TypeTeach US - screenshot #6TypeTeach US - screenshot #7TypeTeach US - screenshot #8

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