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An extensive and very easy-to-use application that comes with 2.5 hours of video footage for learning Apple's iMovie '11 step-by-step

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Tutor for iMovie '11 is a comprehensive collection of video tutorials for the 2011 version of iMovie, which is included in Apples iLife ’11. The package provides a detailed presentation about the ins and outs of Apple’s professional digital video editor.

Within Tutor for iMovie '11, you can find 37 different well-organized screencasts created and narrated by an iMovie expert from Noteboom Productions. The videos start with a general introduction and then gradually takes you through all the features.

At the end of the instructional clips, which span for 2 and a half hours, you will learn how to do create professionally-looking videos. The recordings show you how to import movies from your Mac or camera, work with projects and events, use different effects, create and manage events, and much more.

The app’s user interface is extremely simple, as it offers a left pane for accessing the tutorials, the main video area for watching the tutorials, as well as an interface with the playback controls (play / pause + full-screen buttons and the progress bar).

Furthermore, another feature is the ability to store notes within the app. This might come in handy when you want to quickly jot down something important you’ve learned. In addition to this, Tutor for iMovie '11 comes with Airplay support, allowing you to watch the videos on your Apple TV V2.

Note that the current version of Tutor for iMovie '11 occupies quite a large amount of disk space - 1.38 GB. It might take a while to download if your Internet connection is slow. Also, this tutorial is designed for iMovie ’11 and not for the version released in October 2013.

To sum up, Tutor for iMovie '11 is essentially a great way to start learning how to make movies with Apple’s popular video editor. It’s mostly targeted towards users who have never used iMovie before or are inexperienced with digital video processors.

Tutor for iMovie '11 was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 22nd, 2013
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