TLex Suite

Professional dictionary production software that, alongside many other useful features, enables users to compile dictionaries for creating a high-quality and bang-for-the-buck final product
TLex Suite
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TLex (aka TshwaneLex) is a professional, feature-rich, fully internationalised, off-the-shelf software application suite for compiling dictionaries or terminology lists.

It has been adopted by many major publishers, government organisations and individuals worldwide, as it delivers excellent ROI.

Furthermore, TLex contains many specialized features that allow you to dramatically reduce dictionary production time and costs and increase the quality and consistency of your dictionaries (from single-user projects to large teams).

These include an integrated Corpus Query System, real-time preview, full customisability, advanced styles system, "smart cross-references" with tracking and auto-updating, automated lemma reversal, automated numbering and sorting, export to MS Word and typesetting systems (such as InDesign, Quark and XPP), multi-user support for managing teams, and much more. Publish to hardcopy, Web, or CD-ROM / software.

TLex can be easily used for all kinds of dictionaries, languages and supports industry standards such as Unicode and XML.

Main features:

  • TLex Suite includes:
  • TLex Dictionary Compilation Software
  • tlTerm Professional Termbase Software
  • tlCorpus Concordance Software
  • tlReader
  • Fast
  • User-friendly: TshwaneLex and TshwaneTerm do not require advanced computer literacy skills - if you can use Microsoft Word, you will be able to learn TshwaneLex/TshwaneTerm
  • Automatic sense numbering
  • Automatic homonym numbering
  • Automatic cross-reference tracking and updating of homonym and sense numbers
  • Immediate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) article preview
  • Immediate preview of cross-referenced articles and cross-referencing articles
  • Integrated corpus
  • Full Unicode support - supports virtually all of the world's languages
  • Easily enter any phonetic symbol (IPA ; phonetic extensions)
  • Fully customisable and highly flexible (create any fields and structures relevant to your dictionary)
  • Network and multi-user (team) lexicography support (supports all major database servers, e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • Management Tools: Assign tasks to users and monitor user or team progress
  • Export to: 
Microsoft Word format, RTF, HTML, XML, CSV 
Corel WordPerfect and OpenOffice (via RTF format) 
Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress
  • Import from: 
CSV (may also import corpus frequency counts) 
XML or word frequency counts from corpus query software 
CUSTOM: contact us for a quote for conversion of existing data in any format
  • Various features for generating 'multiple dictionaries from one database'
  • Customisable styles (font, colour etc.) for every field in the dictionary
  • Customisable language of the meta-language
  • Bilingual dictionaries: Automated lemma reversal
  • Bilingual dictionaries: Side-by-side bilingual editing and "linked view" mode
  • Bilingual dictionaries: "Translation Equivalent fanouts"
  • Multimedia: Allows sound (e.g. pronunciation) recordings to be linked to any field
  • Multimedia: Allows images to be added to entries
  • IME "Windows soft-keyboard" support
  • Right-to-left language support (Hebrew, Arabic etc.)
  • Fast full-dictionary text search
  • Filter: define criteria for viewing/exporting a subset of the dictionary based on specific characteristics
  • Dictionary compare/merge feature: Integrate work done by different team members
  • A unique Ruler Tool to ensure balanced treatment on multiple levels
  • Automatic checking for various dictionary errors
  • Electronic Dictionary (CD-ROM) software module available
  • Place dictionaries online. Examples: 
Online dictionary module: 
Swahili - English dictionary 
Northern Sotho - English dictionary 
Direct export to "static HTML": 
James Randi Encyclopedia
  • Scripting language
  • Customisable DTD (dictionary grammar editor)

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TshwaneDJe HLT
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TLex Suite

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13 Screenshots
TLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex SuiteTLex Suite
What's New in version
  • [Filter (F5) / Error checks] Added the "Redundant whitespace" error check as a filter under Filter (F5) "Error checks"
  • [Filter (F5) / Error checks] Added the "Incorrectly nested brackets/markup" error check as a filter under Filter (F5) "Error checks"
  • [Online Publishing Exporter] New options:
  • "MinScorePercent": Search index keys have a relevance score percentage rating from 0 to 100; use this setting to optionally exclude words from the search index keys below the specified score (typically less relevant material relating to a search).
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