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A replacement for the traditional pen and paper planbook





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Planbook is a Mac OS X app for teachers, professors and educators to manage their lesson plans using an elegant, sophisticated interface.

Planbook is being used by thousands of College Professors, K-12 Teachers and Homeschool parents.

Planbook resembles Apple's Pages, Microsoft Word and other software that create documents.

The information for your classes is stored within a data file. The first time that you use the Planbook application, you will be asked to create a new planbook data file.

While you can correct any mistakes you make later, it's easiest to carefully enter the particulars about your schedule when getting started.
Last updated on February 3rd, 2015
Planbook - This is how the planning lesson mode looks like.Planbook - This tab lets you view your lessons by month.Planbook - Here is where you can add information to your lessons.PlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbookPlanbook

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