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A handy and efficient Mac OS X application designed to help you organize your collections, create records and export / import them

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PicoLib is a versatile Mac OS X application that enables you to create databases of any collection, such as books, music, movies, products and much more. You can enter all sorts of information organized into numerous labels: author, title, volume, language, manufacturer, name/surname, etc.

Depending on the type of library you want to create, you can add different labels to your collection, which are displayed as the names for the different columns. As expected, you can sort the information in a column by clicking on its corresponding label name.

Entering data is really simple. Just click the Plus icon that will display a panel where you can enter an item’s details. Before entering items into your library, you can store predefined values that you can use to describe an item (for instance, you can enter the genres and editors when creating a book collection).

Furthermore, both basic and advanced search functions exist. First of all, you can use a basic search function that allows you to browse items that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. Second of all, you can use a search box at the bottom of the window that offers features such as case matching and more.

Additionally to this, PicoLib enables you to choose the default way of sorting the collection at startup: by author or title. Moreover, several appearance settings are available and allow you to select the colors of the normal pane box, labels as well as the find pane.

All in all, PicoLib offers a great way to create libraries of any items you wish. You can use it to index your book collection, movie or album collections or in a small business, such as a hostel. It allows you to enter the right labels, predefined values for recurrent use and to import / export databases with ease.

PicoLib was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
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