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A reliable, easy to use and fast English to Persian and Persian to English dictionary featuring Wiktionary integration and the ability to bookmark words

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Dictionaries are important educational tools because they allow you to find the meaning of various words in foreign languages, which you need to include in your work/project.

Persionary is an OS X application that was originally created as a Persian to English, English to Persian and English Thesaurus dictionary. However, further updates added other languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.

The Persionary app includes more than 250000 words and each one of them has American pronunciation. On top of that, Persionary comes with a wiktionary, a great user interface and search function.

Persionary features a unique search mode which provides you with two different results that are based both on term and content. What's more, you can switch the current dictionary at any given time, if you want to, just by clicking on the lower side of the main window. This will provide you with a drop-down menu where you can select the desired dictionary.

Working with the dictionary tool is very easy: you just have to enter the desired word in the Search toolbar, select word from the list and then click on it to see the translations. Persionary also provides you with the means to add and manage bookmarks, so you can easily gain access to any given word right when you need it.

Persionary includes a daily word function that helps you learn new words each and every day; these can also be added as bookmarks, if you want to.

In summary, Persionary is a very good utility that can be used to translate words from multiple popular languages to Persian. If you are are on the lookout for such a tool, you should give Persionary a try to see if it matches your needs
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Last updated on February 20th, 2014

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Persionary - From the main window, you can look up English words and view their Persian translation.Persionary - You can also add the translations that you want to learn in the Bookmark window.Persionary - Persionary features a separate window for viewing random English - Persian translations daily.

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