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A user-oriented application that offers the tools and features you need to track your diet and monitor your daily caloric intake

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Perfect Diet Tracker is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application designed to help you lose weight and maintain the desired weight.

Helps you loose weight and maintain the targeted weight

With Perfect Diet Tracker’s help you can achieve a safe and consistent weight loss by creating a personal diet plan. As follows, you can rely on Perfect Diet Tracker to suggest a personal diet plan based on your current weight and the goals you want to achieve.

At the same time, Perfect Diet Tracker offers you the option to create your own diet plan in just a couple of minutes.

Quickly and easily add the drink and food you consume every day

Moreover, Perfect Diet Tracker helps you track your diet by adding what you eat or drink to the food diary. You have access to over 100 000 products grouped and organized in the built-in database from where you can pick the items you consume during the day.

Perfect Diet Tracker is capable to automatically count all calories, track exercises and monitor your calorific and nutritional intake. You just have to stay within the targets in order to achieve the desired weight loss.

Share Perfect Diet Tracker with your family and friends thanks to the support for multiple accounts

On top of that, Perfect Diet Tracker comes with support for multiple users and offers each users to set a password in order to protect their data.

From Perfect Diet Tracker’s main window you can easily update, view and analyze the results, adjust your targets, monitor your progress, view the calorie count, check your nutritional profile and compare it to the target nutritional profile.

By accessing the Edit menu, you can search for existing food and add food or exercises from your Favorites list or from a Group.

Perfect Diet Tracker comes with a user-friendly interface and support for different weight, measurement , distance and energy units.

On the whole, Perfect Diet Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use application that makes it easy for you to create and follow a diet in order to reach the aimed weight and nutritional profile.

Perfect Diet Tracker was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 5th, 2014
Perfect Diet Tracker - From Perfect Diet Tracker's main window you can insert your meals and exercise plan.Perfect Diet Tracker - The File menu enables you to create new users and switch between them with just a mouse click.Perfect Diet Tracker - By accessing the Edit menu you will be able to add food or exercises from a predefined list.Perfect Diet Tracker - screenshot #4Perfect Diet Tracker - screenshot #5Perfect Diet Tracker - screenshot #6Perfect Diet Tracker - screenshot #7Perfect Diet Tracker - screenshot #8

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