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A user-oriented utility that provides the required tools and features to visualize and analyzer crystal structures from within a well-designed app

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Mercury is a smooth-running and streamlined OS X 3D structure visualization and exploration utility specially designed for the exploration of crystal packing and the statistical analysis of CSD research data.

User-friendly and comprehensive crystal structure analysis with powerful visualization tools

The Mercury application features an intuitive and simple user interface with the help of which you will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of tools aimed at crystal structure analysis.

Moreover, by using Mercury, you will be able to effortlessly generate packing diagrams, perform cuts through the crystal from various directions, define and visualize Miller planes.

Analyze and visualize 3D crystal structures down to intermolecular level

Furthermore, you can employ Mercury to build and explore complex networks of intermolecular contacts in order to understand and discover the strengths and weaknesses of the visualized structure in addition to identifying the interactions that control the crystal packing.

On top of that, Mercury is capable of displaying space-group symmetry elements, calculate and show voids as well as intermolecular potentials.

As a supplemental bonus, you can perform molecule-based gas phase calculations, visualize and analyze ConQuest substructure searches with user-definable geometric parameters.

What is more, thanks to Mercury's vast array of features and capabilities, you can generate high quality 3D images and rapidly export them to various image formats.

POV-ray ray tracer based rendering for high quality and true-to-life 3D export images

Mercury can also be used to render high quality ray-traced images using the open source POV-ray ray tracing utility, a completely free tool for rapidly generating realistic looking renderings using Mercury’s text based figure description as input.

Streamlined and feature packed crystal structure analysis utility for the Mac

In conclusion, the Mercury 3D crystal visualizer, analyzer and exploration utility packs a broad collection of tools and features designed to make it as simple and possible to investigate such structures in their smallest details.

Mercury was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 6th, 2015
Mercury - In this window you can visualize a centered network.Mercury - In this window you can change the wireframe.Mercury - You can also change colors.Mercury - Some display changes can be made in this panel.Mercury - screenshot #5

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