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A straightforward application that allows you to find anagrams, rhymes and solve crossword puzzles or wildcards by searching extensive dictionaries

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Megawords is a very handy Mac OS X application that enables you search for anagrams, rhymes and solve crosswords using comprehensive dictionaries in both offline and online modes.

The application provides explanations from either the SOWPOD and the US (TWL) dictionaries, or both.  More specifically, Megawords supports The Collaborative International Dictionary of English, V.E.R.A, WordNet, Moby Thesaurus and more. In total, you can search over 400000 words.

As far as the user interface goes, Megawords delivers a plain looking GUI that is very simple to operate. The straightforward window features a search bar, the word result list that also displays the number of letters in each word (or the strength for rhymes) and the definitions pane.

Furthermore, the 3 modes, Anagram, Crossword/Wildcard and Rhyme, perform different tasks. In the Anagram mode, you find all available anagrams of typed words. The Crossword mode allows you to find words based on known letters (for instance, type “s…e” or s/e, where “.” is a letter and “/“ is a sequence of letters).

As for the Rhyme mode, it displays all available words that rhyme with the typed word. Moreover, it also displays how much the pronunciations match in percentages. This mode is great for finding rhymes in songs or poems.

All in all, Megawords is a helpful OS X application that will definitely come in handy when you need to solve crossword puzzles and rhymes. Being based on the most comprehensive scrabble dictionaries, it also helps you validate words and find words in a random sequence of letters.

Megawords was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Megawords - From the main window, you can search for anagrams, rhymes and solve crossword puzzles.Megawords - In the rhyme word search, you can also view the matching percentage.Megawords - The menu allows you to select the search mode: anagram, crossword or rhyme.Megawords

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