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Graphical environment for playing with, exploring and learning computer science, math, arts and more
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Kojo is a free and open-source desktop application that provides you with a Learning Environment - which comprises many different features that enable play, exploration, and learning in the areas of:
· Computer Programming
· Math and Science
· Systematic and Computational Thinking
· Art, Music, and Creative Thinking
· Computer and Internet Literacy

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the Kojo utility on your Mac are available HERE.

Kojo is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X and Windows. Binaries for the Windows platform are available on the project's homepage.

Main features:

  • Kojo builds upon its ideas by:
  • Providing users a productive, fun, and friendly graphical environment - where computer programming is used to explore and play with interactive Math, Art, Music, Animation, and Games.
  • Introducing the concept of Pictures, which allow users to take turtle graphics to the next level - to create rich shapes that can be used in animations and games.
  • Introducing the concept of Stories, which allow users to author creative works - using programs, text, images, sound, and music.
  • Providing support for Programmable Interactive Geometry. With this feature, geometric figures that are created by writing small computer programs - turn into interactive geometric shapes. These interactive shapes enable users to play with fundamental axioms and theorems in geometry.
  • Providing support for the composition and playing of computer generated Music.
  • Providing users a modern, powerful, programming language called Scala to work with. Users begin with a very small and simple subset of Scala, and progress to the level of Scala proficiency that they care to reach.
  • Providing features like syntax highlighting, code completion, and code templates to make programming friendlier.
  • Kojo is also a useful tool for Scala programmers in general, as it provides a powerful REPL for Scala - with the following features:
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Code completion.
  • Command history (available via a GUI List and keyboard shortcuts).
  • Object Inspection.
  • AST Browsing.
  • Saving/Loading of scripts.
  • Customizable Classpath - to enable experimentation with any Scala or Java class-library.
  • Other bells and whistles, courtesy of the Netbeans Platform.

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4 Screenshots
What's New in This Release:
  • A new tool called the Turtle Controller, which can be accessed from the Tools menu. This is meant to help younger children (~5 years) use Kojo effectively.
  • A new perspective with a bigger script editor (for larger canvas based programs), which can be accessed from the Window menu.
  • Additional Vector2D methods – normalize, magnitude, limit, / (division), - (subtraction), dot, distance.
  • Control of the Script Editor and Output Pane font size via the mouse scroll wheel (Ctrl + Scroll)
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