KeyboardFun 1.0

A straightforward and easy-to-use Mac OS X solution designed to help children practice typing letters and numbers on a standard keyboard

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Michael Sweet
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KeyboardFun - By accessing the main window, you can play 5 different typing modes.KeyboardFun - The "1 to 10" mode allows kids to type the numbers that are displayed on the screen.KeyboardFun - In the "Colors" mode, children can read the name of colors and type it.KeyboardFunKeyboardFun
KeyboardFun is a free and open-source application for the Mac OS X platform that provides a typing environment for young children. The app provides multiple typing modes, as well as audio pronunciations and full-screen support.

Developed as a simple tool to learn how to type from a young age, KeyboardFun enables kids to read letters or numbers on the screen and then type them. Five different modes are available: A to Z, 1 to 10, Colors, Words and Free Typing. What’s more, a robot voice will speak everything that has been typed.

If the child types the correct number, letter or word, then the robot voice speaks what they typed and the character(s) will be highlighted. If not, the letter, number, words or sequence of characters will just be spoken and the game will progress only after hitting  the Enter key.

KeyboardFun comes with a plain-looking and resizable window that displays the numbers, letters and words kids need to type in black. However, the typed characters are displayed in blue. Also, the app can be operated in full-screen mode, just by clicking the default zoom button.

In the full-screen mode, the background is black and the letters you type are purple. This mode helps eliminate any distraction and ultimately provides a kid-proof environment, mainly because you need to press the Escape key 3 times to exit this mode.

In conclusion, KeyboardFun is a basic typing practice application for children who are just starting to learn a computer’s keyboard. If you want your child to practice the standard keys, this tool might be exactly what you need.

KeyboardFun was reviewed by , last updated on January 29th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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