Jniz 2.1 RC 3

A music notation application for the Mac OS X that offers you the possibility to create partitures for several voices and harmonize them.

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What's new in Jniz 2.1 RC 3:

  • interface of musical notation which allows you to create, edit, save a score
  • number of voices up to 16 (256 with layers).
  • possibility to change of Key at any time.
  • Jnz, MusicXml, LillyPond, Midi, PDF export.
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Bruno Grandjean
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7 Jniz Screenshots:
Jniz - In the Jniz main window you can visualize your composition and make adjustments.Jniz - In the Jniz editing area you can easily access various panels that include all the music notation elements you need.JnizJnizJnizJniz - In the Jniz General Settings panel you can set up the default colors for the non harmonic tones.Jniz
Composing music for more than one voice and finding the perfect harmony can prove to be quite challenging. Jniz is a simple Mac OS X tool designed to help you create partitures for up to 16 different voices and also include Percussion elements.

User friendly interface

Jniz comes with a minimalist design which makes browsing the application extremely intuitive: the main window is reserved for the music notation while most editing tools and options can be accessed through small panels.

Runs on Java

Take into account that Jniz has been developed on the Java platform and that you must have the Java JRE installed on your system before trying to use Jniz. At the same time, Jniz requires the LilyPond application to export your projects to PDF, Lilipond, or Midi file formats.

Intuitive editing tools

If you right click your mouse while the cursor is on top of the Jniz editing area you will be able to access the items menu: simply select the element you want to use and the default value will change automatically. All you have to do next is click wherever you want to include the new element.

The same procedure allows you to access the voices menu, the time signature panel, the instruments window, the Key and modulations list and much more. This way, you are able to change the key or the instruments any time you like.

Harmonic correction tool

Jniz can be used to check if your composition is following the rules of classic harmony: the harmonic correction tool is able to highlight different error (you can decide which rules you want to follow). Jniz is capable to identify intervals errors, non harmonic tones, inverted chords, and more.

Simple yet efficient music notation utility

Jniz offers you the possibility to compose your music in a clean, organized environment, while using unsophisticated tools. Since Jniz is focused on helping you create harmonies, you can use it to compose music for up to 16 voices.

Jniz was reviewed by , last updated on November 13th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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