JHOVE 1.11

A very handy framework that was developed in order to provide you with the functions necessary to perform format-specific identification
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JHOVE comes in handy to any users that need to perform format specific characterization, identification and validation of multiple digital objects.

JHOVE provides comprehensive information that includes the path name, checksum, byte size and modification date.

All media is consistent with the data dictionary designed for still digital images as well as the draft AES metadata standard.

JHOVE also includes multiple functions that can be used to easily perform format-specific validation for the supported digital objects.

JHOVE perform multiple actions, such as validation, characterization and identification. Each of these actions is split in modules, each one of them being performed using a plug-in architecture.

The most important modules like ASCII, GIF , AIFF, XML, PDF and HTML are already included by default with JHOVE, but it can easily be extended to include other ones, if needed.

JHOVE can easily be configured upon launch in order to include the desired format modules as well as output handlers.

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September 30th, 2013, 23:31 GMT
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2 Screenshots
What's New in This Release:
  • I've added lots of logging code. Calls at the FINE level and lower don't show up no matter what I do, so I've put them at the INFO level. The level is set in JhoveBase.java.
  • All .bat and _bat.tmpl files now have CR-LF line endings. That is, they do in the gzip and zip archives you download. I'm not sure how SourceForge will treat files that you download individually, but hopefully it will have the sense to keep CR-LF when downloading to a Windows system.
  • All .bat files now assume JHOVE_HOME is the directory from which they're run. They no longer try to set JAVA_HOME (which was still stuck in Java 1.4 and probably wasn't working for many people), instead assuming that the JAVA command is available on the command line.
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